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    What's New — Welding Boots

    Give normal work boots the boot!

    Welding is a profession that requires a high degree of skill, patience and, of course, specialised equipment. From welding machines to consumables, clothing to personal protective equipment – the demands and nature of welding make it a profession with some pretty unusual gear!

    Plenty of large welding projects around Australia insist that all workers wear lace up boots with zip sides for improved ankle support and quick removal. While this may be suitable for most workers, it doesn’t quite make sense for welders.

    Constant exposure to high temperatures, sparks and flames means that welder’s footwear needs to be fit for purpose. According to the Welding Processes Code of Practice released by Safe Work Australia, welders footwear should be ‘non-slip, heat and fire-resistant’ – with shoe laces given as an example of what not to wear. Laces introduce another hazard to the welder, as they create a focused capture point for sparks, spatter and potentially flames.

    Welders wear unique PPE like welding helmets, welding aprons and welding gloves…so why are they not wearing appropriate welding boots?

    Want to know more? Read the Welding Boot White Paper here

    Need a pair of boots BUILT specifically FOR WELDERS?

    Check out the Jalas Titan Welding Boots here