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    What's New — Welding Facts

    5 Facts About Welding That You Probably Didn’t Know

    1. Over 50% of all man-made products rely on welding to create them! From cars, buildings, computers to mobile phones, the world really does rely on welding!

    Sydney skyline


    2. The current world record for underwater dry welding was set in 1990, at 1075 feet deep. The world record for an underwater wet weld however is almost double that, at a whopping 2000 feet!

    Underwater Welding


    3. Working within the Australian workplace exposure standards for general welding fume (5 mg/m3), a fulltime welder may inhale up to 11 grams of welding fume, a classified carcinogen, every year!

    Welding Fume Test Tube

    Read more about Welding Fume with the Welding Fume White Paper!


    4. The average welder spends 85% of their life welding. This includes time at work, preparing for it, looking for it, commuting to it and most importantly drinking beers to recover from it!

    Speedglas QR Flip-Up Helmet


    5. Roughly 950 man-hours are spent on welding and fabricating a NASCAR! Hundreds of parts are hand-cut, welded and machined!

    3M Racecar

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