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    How do you select hearing protection?

    Over-exposure to dangerous noise levels at work can lead to hearing loss, some of which can be permanent. Each day we are exposed to varying levels of noise in both the workplace and at home.

    Noise levels are measured in decibels (dBA), and prolonged exposure to levels over 85 decibels over an 8 hour period may cause irreparable hearing loss. Understanding your work environment and the different noise levels gives you the best chance of minimising damage.

    Below is an image showing common noise levels in both the workplace and at home



    Once you have identified the noise level present, it is important to find a hearing solution to match. There are a number of hearing protection Classes, dependent on the noise level present:

    Class 5: 105 < 110dBA

    Class 4: 100 < 105dBA

    Class 3: 95 < 100dBA

    Class 2: 90 < 95dBA

    Class 1: 85 < 90dBA


    Now that you have identified the hearing Class required, it's time to find your ideal hearing solution! 

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    Which Features Should I Look for in a Pair of Welding Gloves?

    When selecting a welding glove, it is important to consider the different welding applications you will need protection against. No matter the application, there is an Ejendals TEGERA welding glove to suit!

    For those who spend their time TIG welding, you should be looking for a glove that is flexible and allows for fingertip sensitivity and dexterity. A glove that moulds to your hand shape and provides ultimate comfort is crucial in giving you the control required for TIG welding. The TEGERA126A TIG glove is built from top quality full grain goatskin with a Category II rating, giving you a high level of protection whilst allowing for extreme flexibility.

             Ejendals TEGERA126A TIG welding gloves

    TEGERA126A - TIG Welding Glove


    Heavy duty applications and tough environments require a tough welding glove. Something that is robust, durable and built to perform over a long period. The TEGERA19 welding glove is a fully lined glove with reinforced seams for heavy welding work, and a Category II rating. A good fit, good fingertip sensitivity and flame-retardant material all make for a welding gauntlet that will stand up to the tough stuff!


           Ejendals TEGERA19 welding gloves

    TEGERA19 - Professional Welding Gauntlets


    If you’re switching between multiple applications, you need a versatile glove – something that can withstand welding sparks and grinding splash. Durability is key! Designed for professional welders, the TEGERA134 welding gauntlet is made from full grain goat skin turned inside-out, Kevlar fiber and Nomex and is fully lined, with Category III cut protection. It is water and oil-repellent, and also withstands contact heat up to 100C – meaning it’s a perfect glove for the toughest tasks, and is built to last!

          Ejendals TEGERA 134 Heavy-Duty welding gloves

    TEGERA134 - Heavy-Duty Welding Gauntlets


    Welders that are working with extremely high heat need a glove that is built for tough and hot environments. Withstanding contact heat up to 250C, the TEGERA585 high heat welding gauntlets are made from top quality split grain cowhide and feature an aluminium heat-reflective back.  Offering the highest level of cut protection (Category III) and featuring an oil and water-repellent palm, this fully lined glove will stand up to the harshest of welding environments!


    Ejendals TEGERA585 High-Heat welding gloves

    TEGERA585 - High-Heat Welding Gauntlets


    View the full-range of Ejendals TEGERA Welding Gloves

    Read more about the Ejendals TEGERA Brand

    Ejendals TEGERA Welding Gloves Available in Australia and New Zealand!


    Have you experienced the Ejendals Welding Glove difference?

    Ejendals TEGERA welding gloves have just arrived in Australia and New Zealand, bringing with them premium Swedish quality, comfort and safety honed over 65 years of development. Manufacturing 90,000 pairs of gloves per day with a turnover of EUR 140 million in 2016, the TEGERA glove brand from Ejendals has established itself as the market leader in the Nordic region and wider Europe.

    As a European powerhouse, the brand continues to lead the market in all key aspects of glove design including ergonomics, comfort, fit, protection and durability. The TEGERA welding gauntlet range offers a unique hand protection solution for all types of welding applications. Choose from gloves specifically designed for TIG welding, high-heat production work or all-round welding gauntlets.

    The Ejendals TEGERA difference lies in the unique TEGERA fit, design and the quality of material used. By sourcing only the BEST full-grain and split-grain leather, Ejendals have developed a welding glove range that is not only built to outperform the competition, but also outlast! 

    View the TEGERA welding glove range here

    Top 10 Welding Memes of 2016

    To mark the end of the year, we put together a list of the 10 best welding memes from the past 12 months or so. We want to hear your feedback!


    #10 - How welder's look when the inspector shows up!


    When the welding inspector shows up


    #9 - When you claim to be a good welder...


    Claim to be a good welder


    #8 - Never, EVER, mess with my welder.


    Don't mess with my welder


    #7 - When you try the Speedglas 9100XXi with True-View....


    9100XXi lose your mind


     Check out Speedglas 9100XXi with True-View!


    #6 - Look, look over there!


    Welding inspectors


    #5 - We all have that mate who talks up his welds


    Talk up their welds


    #4 - And that other mate who should run their welder instead of their mouth.



    #3 - Gotta love it when your hands are getting roasted



    #2 - When your mate thinks he's a welder...but is more of a grinder!


    More of a grinder than a welder speedglas

    Note: if you do grind frequently, check out the Speedglas 9100XXi FX helmet!


    And of course, the BEST welding meme of 2016 as voted by you guys is.................


    #1 - No matter what, ALWAYS make sure you give 100%!


    Always give 100% Eweld


    We hope you enjoyed the best welding memes of 2016! Make sure you jump on our Facebook page and subscribe to our newsletter for all of the latest on everything Speedglas!