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    3M Earplugs

    Day in and day out as a welder you are exposed to varying levels of noise exposure, many of which can be harmful to your ears. Levels of noise over 85 decibles, averaged over an eight hour workday, are potentially hazardous to your hearing. When a noise is loud enough that you feel the need to shout at a distance of 1 metre in order to communicate, the noise levels may be reaching or exceeding 85 decibles. If, after a noise exposure, your hearing appears dulled as though you had a temporary loss or you hear a ringing or hissing noise in your ears, this is an indication that the particular exposure over stimulated your hearing. These repeated exposures over a period of weeks, months, or years can lead to noise induced hearing loss which is permanent and irreversible. So, if you can’t reduce this noise exposure to safe levels, wear hearing protection.

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