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    The Problem

    Many of the Australian auto darkening welding helmet agents are unable to honor product warranties for welding helmets and welding respirators purchased online through foreign channels. Meaning that if you purchase a welding helmet from overseas or anywhere other than an approved Australian distributor, the Australian agent will not cover your product under warranty. You will need to return your welding helmet or welding respirator back to where you purchased it from, which can be time consuming, costly or impossible and end up costing you more than the welding helmet!!  

    When purchasing auto darkening welding helmets and welding respirators, buying from an approved Australian welding helmet distributor like Eweld really can save you time and hassle. Less time and hassle means less down time, greater productivity and more importantly more time spent welding


    The Eweld Solution

    The good news is that Eweld is an approved Australian distributor for every auto darkening welding helmet and welding respirator we feature online. We buy directly from the exclusive Australian and NZ Speedglas wholesaler (AWS). This means you can still benefit from the prices that buying welding helmets online brings and rest easy knowing that you are completely covered and supported under the manufacturer’s product warranty.

    Eweld then does all the hard work for you. Eweld registers your product with the manufacturer and locks in your warranty cover from the beginning. Not only are you covered under a complete manufacturer's warranty, it is Eweld’s policy that if you experience a warranty issue with one of our welding helmets or welding related products we will look after the entire warranty process for you.

    Should you have a warranty issue with one of our products and we need to replace it, your period of cover starts again! We call this our Eweld Revolving Warranty and it comes standard on every helmet you purchase through this site. Our service and support will set us apart every time.

    Buy a welding helmet online today and rest easy knowing you are covered under an Eweld Australian Revolving Warranty!!